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Kick-start your collection with this watch

  I have always had watches, but recently became more serious about starting a collection. My intention was to start my collection with a mechanical watch, however, I was on a limited budget; so I started looking around, did a bit of research, and finally zeroed on the Seiko SNK809. This Seiko model is very popular among many watch enthusiasts and recommended as a starter for your watch collection. When I first opened the box, the dial felt small, but once it was on my wrist, it fitted well and looked good. As you can see, I went for the black one, but it does come in other exciting colours – Beige (SNK803), Green (SNK805), and Blue (SNK807). The beige is a good option if you are not into black. The watch comes around AED 350 – 390 ($95 - $106) in UAE, however, you can also find it between $88 - $100 in various online shops. Yes, it can be less than $100 depending on where you buy it from, for example, in the US, you may find it for less than $80, and the piece offers a good value for