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XLite Series – A light one from Swatch

Recently, Swatch has been the most talked-about watch brand in the industry, primarily due to their launch of the MoonSwatch (pictured below). It was quite popular at the recently concluded ‘Watch and Wonders 2022’ even though it wasn’t exhibited.                                                      (MoonSwatch: Mission to Mercury. Ref: This model has disrupted the watch-market and from my perspective, for the better-good. It has given the opportunity for many to experience the Omega Moonwatch at a much lower price, albeit, there are stark differences between the watches in terms of movement as well as finishing quality, however, it’s a boon to those who collect watches but cannot afford the higher-end models. I will look to review the MoonSwatch when I get my hands on one (The stores in Dubai run out in the first of couple hours upon restocking). Swatch Group has a rich history and is the one who pulled the Swiss watch industry out of the water during the ‘Quartz Crisis’ w