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The Everyday Watch by Tag Heuer

The  story  of Tag Heuer  Watches   is  like John Cena in the wrestling world (For the uninitiated, John Cena   is an actor who is also an accomplished  wrestle r ) ,  where he was one of the most polarized characters  with an equal share of people who loved and hated him – The same goes  for Tag Heuer.   With me, I am one of those who loves Tag Heuer watches and it’s a watch brand that I had my eyes on since I was a kid. I first came across the brand in some of the sports magazines that I used read as a kid, and it was heavily featured in both racing and football (or referred to as soccer in some parts of the world). This did make the company a household name and really raised it’s profile over the years with some strategic partnerships – Tag Heuer had partnerships with F1 World Championships, McLaren Racing Team, and currently with the Red Bull Racing Team, in addition to being associated with some of the football leagues across the globe such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 among ot