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An Everyday Watch for Everyone - MEDINI Sovereign

One of my first rules when I come across a watch brand is to check the website, and so I did that when I crossed paths with MEDINI on Instagram. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised with the detailed, easy-to-use and interactive setup which is a good sign for a watch company, especially, in today's digital world. What really impressed me was the simple, but important feature of being able to choose the dial colour, strap and watch case (Yes, you read that right, you can select the colour of the travel pouch you want, very handy pouch at that!) So couple of weeks down the line, I get a message from MEDINI, specifically Ahsan (the man behind this brand and company, his story is a topic for another day) who wanted me to review the model - Sovereign And I am glad that I took the opportunity to review this piece, because as I checked it closely, I could relate how the creation of the watch was in line with the passion shown by Ahsan. While some may not give muc

Citizen's Black Panther is Here!

Having lived most of my childhood in Africa, I have always had a fascination with connecting what I do, read, bought and experience with Africa. So when it came to my favourite action hero characters, I had two - Black Panther and Phantom (For the uninitiated, it is comic book character created by Lee Falk; check it out, worth a read even now). Obviously, this was something I was looking in watches as well and you can imagine my joy when Audemars Piguet released the Black Panther Flying Tourbillon in April 2021 to much fanfare, but limited to 250 pieces. Reference: AP Website ( In any case, the limited edition factor didn't matter as this was way above my price-point and hence, I started to look for an alternative, something that was budget-friendly, but provided much value for the buck. Invicta had released a few and so did Citizen, but they were not to my taste. Finally, Citizen in July 2022 released an Eco-Drive Super Ti