An Everyday Watch for Everyone - MEDINI Sovereign

One of my first rules when I come across a watch brand is to check the website, and so I did that when I crossed paths with MEDINI on Instagram. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised with the detailed, easy-to-use and interactive setup which is a good sign for a watch company, especially, in today's digital world. What really impressed me was the simple, but important feature of being able to choose the dial colour, strap and watch case (Yes, you read that right, you can select the colour of the travel pouch you want, very handy pouch at that!)

So couple of weeks down the line, I get a message from MEDINI, specifically Ahsan (the man behind this brand and company, his story is a topic for another day) who wanted me to review the model - Sovereign

And I am glad that I took the opportunity to review this piece, because as I checked it closely, I could relate how the creation of the watch was in line with the passion shown by Ahsan. While some may not give much to the packaging, I feel that it adds value to the whole experience of acquiring the watch and I can confidently say that I thoroughly enjoyed the unboxing experience (Check out my unboxing here:

The first part (and almost always!) of the watch that spoke to me was the dial and by looking at it, you can say that a lot of thought and heart had gone into the detailing as well as the look. I chose the silver dial with red strap and also received the ivory strap as well as green silicon strap (a prototype for me to test which I felt was a good touch). The dial is absolutely gorgeous with its sunburst silver colour and shines in a way that it reflects almost anything that you put on top of it.

The dial comes with elevated indices and a minute tracker on the edge of the round face, which adds to the dial complexion as well as a date complication that blends into the face. Enough of the dial though and let's get right down to the specs - This has a 38mm case with a thickness of 11mm which is a good size for literally anyone and sits well on your wrist. The straps are made of genuine leather and one can feel the quality as it is very comfortable to wear (does take its time to wear-in and take the shape of your wrist, but that's with any good leather). It comes with a sapphire crystal that is domed and has an anti-reflective coating on the underside that makes reading legible in sunlight and additionally pops the dial a notch. The movement is a workhorse, the Swiss-made Ronda 715 quartz which is as accurate as it can get and a good movement for the price.

For those who wear watches most of time, this one comes with a 50 metres water-resistance rating which means that you can shower and swim with it. The push-pull crown has a sun logo (the MEDINI logo) and the serrations on the crown represent this - This also completes the story that MEDINI is telling (from my perspective), the watch is the solar system with MEDINI (meaning Earth) applied on the dial, the Sun logo inscribed on the crown and dial hands moving to show the revolving of earth around the sun.

Overall, this watch does offer value for the buck as it is priced under $250, packs a simple and beautiful dial, efficient movement, and an everyday comfotable-to-wear timepiece which goes with both formals as well as casual attires. MEDINI may have more in the future in terms of movement for the Sovereign and was open to receive my suggestions on strap colours as well as more visibility of the Sun logo on the watch.

I would like to leave you with this thought, MEDINI Sovereign is like fine wine, you keep appreciating it as it grows older with you!