I have always been interested in watches, but I became serious or you can say 'obsessed' with watches in 2019. I had started reading articles and watching videos on watches, which sort of switched something on in me.

While I loved reading and watching anything on watches, I also wanted to contribute my thoughts on watch pieces, so I decided to start a blog #WatchBud. The articles posted by me are my personal opinion as well as feelings about watches (Mostly those that I can get my hands on).

I do understand that some of you would differ in opinion on a watch review which is fine and happy to read/hear your version - Everyone has a slightly different way of seeing or thinking about a watch. Please do share your comments on my articles.

I also love History and hence would try to review watches that have a story to them. You might notice that I am slightly inclined to the affordable side but now and then, do venture to the entry-level luxury section as well.

I am a big fan of Cartier, Casio, Citizen, Longines, Omega, Seiko, Tag Heuer and Vacheron Constantin.

Happy Reading!